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Altos del Maria Panama Real Estate


What is Villa Hermosa Altos del Maria Panama real estate?

Altos del Maria Panama real estate sale, Villa Hermosa, is a house without equality in Altos del Maria Chame Panama Oeste, and it is for architecture and landscaping lovers. Altos del Maria is a mountain homes community near Panama City in Sora, district of Chame. Living in it will transport you to countries or places that evoke the pleasure of living.

By the way, arranging the structures and their night lighting will allow you to feel like you are in a dream country house, where the sounds of nature will give peace and tranquility to the spirit and rejuvenate the energies of the body.

Villa Hermosa Altos del Maria Panama real estate Sell Distribuition:

The property has five separate structures with nearly 500 square meters (5,400 square feet) of construction in a lot of 2,663 square meters (0.7 acres).

First Structure 

The first structure of the Villa Hermosa property sale is the wooden cabin that serves as the master bedroom. Its design came from a Panamanian architect, and its construction is from the island of Borneo, on the other side of the world.
The wood is not local and is not treated with chemicals because it is one of the hardest woods in existence. The cabin’s height allows for the best views and visual control of the entire property. It has lots of glass, allowing its residents to feel in contact with the exterior without losing the sensation of being sheltered. Toucans, white-faced monkeys, orioles, hummingbirds, and sloths are the occasional neighbors visiting the property’s trees, and you can see from the cabin.

The Second Structure

The second structure is a house with three independent rooms, each with its bathroom. The main feature of the rooms is their brick vaulted ceilings (Catalan vaults). The construction of Catalan vaults is not from Panama. Instead, the owner hired a master vaulter from Mexico to build these wonderful and oversized crafts. Looking at the brick ceilings and their intricate details is the best remedy for falling asleep naturally.

Structure Third of  Villa Hermosa Altos del Maria Panama real estate Home Sell

The third structure is where the hearts rejoice: the kitchen! It has a terrace and a full bathroom. It is spacious enough to accommodate the demands of a chef. The kitchen’s architectural feature is its 80-year-old handcrafted roof tiles and its visual command of the gardens of the Vista Hermosa property sale.

Fourth Structure

The fourth structure is the social area. It includes a small lobby, a den, a dining area, and a bar, with large windows visually bringing the exterior gardens into the enclosed space. This place is just amazing! The ceilings remain in Catalan vaults of great height and with different styles that amaze locals and strangers. It comes up as a topic of conversation between architects or engineers who have visited the property.

Fifth Structure

In the social area, you dream up new projects, plan for the future, or chat with your significant other about the day’s trivialities. The fifth structure is a large reception area. The joy of family or friend gatherings takes place here. It is an open-air plaza with a seated capacity of thirty people surrounded by nature and natural sculptural decorations and with the canopy of the property’s trees as a roof. At the plaza center, you see a bonfire, and on the outside, you will find a clay oven and a grill.

Wildlife and Flora of Altos del Maria Panama Real Estate

The Villa Hermosa property sold at Altos del Maria Panama real estate is bordered by a creek, with water running all year. The sounds of the running water, the wind, and the birds complement the open and landscaped gardens spectacularly. In them, you will find local plants of all sorts, from the common ones, such as ferns, to the most sophisticated ones, such as orchids, including heliconias, bromeliads, and coleus.

Finally, there is a feature that we cannot overlook: the night lighting! The night lighting design is in such a way as to reduce the glare coming from the light source. For this reason, it enhances the sensory experience when looking at what the light touches.

When the night falls, the property starts to be transformed by artificial light, and the symbiosis between architecture and landscaping comes to life. This is when one feels transported to a place like a fairy tale!

As if this was not enough, this property also generates income! However, we will leave that for discussion if you want to contact us about this topic.

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