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Private Pearl Islands Panama for sale 

The Private Pearl Islands Panama for sale at Las Perlas Archipelago

The Private Pearl islands Panama for sale are the Isla de Afuera and Isla de Adentro in the Gulf of Panama on the Pacific Ocean. Its location is privileged, between the islands of Contadora and Saboga, Viveros, and La Isla del Rey. The distance between Panama City and island Afuera and Adentro is approximately 50 nautical miles from the Panama City coast. For this reason, it is attractive for people who like quiet environments to rest. 

One of the biggest advantages of the private Pearl Islands Panama Afuera and Adentro islands is that both have property titles. Also, you can track the property title more than 100 years ago.

Panama Gulf

The Gulf of Panama is an attractive place to practice deep-sea fishing. Inside the waters of the Private Panama Pearl Islands, in Pearl Archipelago live many species of fish. Fans like to fish in his area due to the variety of marine species that inhabit it. Also, Panama Gulf is one of the most famous fishing spots in the world. For this reason, prepare your fishing rods and enjoy the fishing days in Pearl Island Archipelago. 

Another attraction of the area is whale watching from July to November. During the travel to the island of Afuera, it is possible to see dolphins and fish of many species jumping from one side to the other during the entire journey.

Private Pearl Islands Panama for sale. Isla de Afuera and Isla de Adentro Advantages

The Afuera and Adentro islands form a natural marina. For this reason. It is ideal to adapt it and protect the boats from a storm. In addition, the proximity of the Isla de Afuera to the Isla del Rey facilitates the supply of drinking water, medical services, food, and security.
At the highest point, from the Archipelago Pearls islands for sale Afuera and Adentro, you can build a house with a 360-degree view. From there you can see Contadora, Viveros, isla Saboga, La Isla del Rey Panama and others around.

Pearl Islands Panama Archipelago tips

Echoing its name, the Isla de Afuera and Isla de Adentro are in the Panama Pearls Island archipelago. There is possible to find famous natural pearls since the time of the conquest. The famous Pilgrim Pearl is found in its waters. The owner of the Pearl was the King of Spain, Felipe II, and later by the actress Elizabeth Taylor until her death. We also find numerous mollusks, snails, pink conch, and many other species. The Private Pearl Islands Panama of Afuera and La Isla de Adentro for sale have an area of ​​approximately 144,809.7 M2

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