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Panama Real Estate Brokers have offered fair dealing in rent, buy, and sell commercial or residential property transactions since 2006!

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Find residential and commercial property listings for sale or rent! Like apartments, homes, houses, lands, islands, farms, and lots. Also, as warehouses, stores, and offices.

Why Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate In Panama?

Since the Panama Canal opening in 1914, and in addition to the free circulation of the US dollar as legal tender, our country has become an attractive market for real estate investments.

Another key point is that our country has had an International Financial Center since 1970. On the other hand, more than 90 banks provide financial services to nationals and foreigners from our country. For this reason, you could be sure to invest in properties.

In addition, in our country, you can verify who is the owner of the property title that you want. The Registro Publico is a governmental entity property where you check the property titles of the country.

The information is transparent without cost. Also, another advantage is that the land use and zoning regulations are clear and well-defined.

Permanent Resident Visa by investing USD 300,000 in real estate!

Additionally, at the beginning of the Capac Expo Hábitat fair, on September 1, 2022, the National Government decided to extend for an additional period of 24 months the amount of the real estate investment to opt for the Qualified Permanent Resident Visa Investor program, that is, from 300 thousand dollars!

In other words, for more information on real estate investments in our country, visit our frequently asked questions FAQ!

Moreover, for specific detail about real estate investments in our country, be in contact with us! 

Why Our Team Is A Perfect Choice?

Of course, our team has extensive knowledge of the market in Panama! Also, experience since 2006!

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“Such as an expatriate for work reasons, finding a home for my family in Panama was the priority. I trusted this company to find a home that meets my needs. In a word, they looked for the best possible options according to my requirements so quickly located a home for us. Furthermore, they took care of the negotiation with the potential landlords and all details that we requested”.
by Alvaro G.
Country Manager, Molpack Group
To summarize, I liked to work with Panama Real Estate Brokers. Indeed, they were kind and professional throughout my purchase process, always taking care of every step to the closing. Also, they helped me to get my loan mortgage approved.
by Victor F.
Developer, Cobalt
To sum up, I appreciate your attention and helping me to find my home. In fact, It was excellent following up and advice all the way.
by Lucia Y.
Merchandise Coordinator, L'Oréal

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