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We have different types of real estate investments like apartments, houses, villas, lands, farms, and lots. You can check our website to get the latest news about real estate. We have properties in Anton Valley, Bocas del Toro, Boquete. Also, Casco Viejo, Las Tablas, Pedasi, and San Carlos that expats might be interested in.

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Look for our posts to find places to rent like warehouses, stores, buildings, hotels, and offices. You can also find Bed & Breakfast and hostels! But have you considered buying your own beach condo in Coronado City or investing in Pearl Islands?

We have something for everyone, so don't hesitate to contact us for your real estate needs!

Why Is It Safe To Invest in Panama Real Estate?

For This Reasons, Invest In Panama!

Since Canal began operations in 1914, and in addition to the free circulation of the US dollar as legal tender, in other words, our country has become an attractive market, also for real estate investments.

International Financial Center

Consequently of the before point, our nation has had an International Financial Center since 1970. On the other hand, more than 90 banks provide financial services to nationals and foreigners from our country. For this reason, you could be sure to invest in properties.

The Public Registry 

Also, if you want to know and verify who owns the property title of real estate that you like, you can do it! You can search it by yourself, without payment, and for free. In the Registro Publico, you find the name of the property title of your interest.

The Registro Publico is a governmental office. They are in charge of supervising and registering property titles. They offer the possibility to verify the property titles in the country. For this reason, another advantage for real estate investing in this country.

Get Permanent Resident Visa

In the same way, invest USD$ 300,000 in real estate assets, and get a permanent resident visa. 

In the same way, invest USD$ 300,000 in real estate assets, and get a permanent resident visa.
Additionally, at the beginning of the Capac Expo Hábitat fair, on September 1, 2022, the National Government decided to extend 24 months, USD$300,000 dollars real estate investment to opt for a visa like Permanent Resident Qualified Investor

Also, you can get a mortgage loan!

Panamanian Banks offer the possibility to apply for a mortgage loan and finance properties for foreigners. This possibility is for residential and commercial properties. For this reason, after you choose the property you want to buy, we’d help you find the proper conditions to obtain the mortgage.

Insurances protect your investments

Life insurances pays your mortgage if you pass away. By law, all mortgage loans are covered by life and fire insurance in case the owner dies. For this reason, your family and your investment are protected! 

In other words, for more information on real estate investments in our country, visit our frequently asked questions FAQ!

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Moreover, for specific details, and news about real estate investments in our country, please, don’t dude to contact Us! 

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Review our news about luxury Panama City real estate in Santa Maria Golf &, Country Club. Besides, see condos in Punta Pacifica,  houses in Altos del Maria. Moreover Coronado condos, and villas!

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